Core & Mold Washes

SATOWASH-GA : A graphite alcohol based coating 
with good suspension and adhesion .

SATOWASH-GW : A general purpose graphite based water
coating for cast irons.

SATOWASH-ZA :  A zircon  lite off alcohol based refractory
for steel casting.

SATOWASH-ZW:  A zircon  paste based on water for Iron
& steel castings with excellent suspension and adhesion.

SATOWASH-MA : A magnesite coating based on alcohol for  Mn. Steel Castings.

THINNERS : Isopropyl & Ethyl alcohol based solvents. 


Exothermic Compounds

SATOTHERMIC  APC :  This is an exothermic antipiping 
compound with excellent heat output & insulation. It is the 
slow burning APC & well suited for iron & steel casting of
medium & large size.

SATOTHERMIC - M :  It is highly exothermic moldable
compound in powder form. Can be molded into shape. 
A green strength of 0.5 Kgs/cm2 obtained after mixing
with 5% water. Mold shape can be baked in oven at 
150 oC for one hour per inch thickness.

SATOTHERMIC - MS : A moldable exothermic compounds
where sodium silicate is used as a binder & Co2 gas is 
passed to make sleeves of desired shape & size. No baking is

SATOTHERMIC - S :  Readymade exothermic sleeves in different
size and shape for ferrous and non-ferrous risers. There is 
considerable increase in yield.

SATOTHERMIC - HT :It is highly exothermic metal producting compound. Recomended for use in risers of steel castings.

Slag Coagulant

We offer imported PURE Slag Coagulant in virgin form 
without adding COLOR.  Best quality grains and absolutely without Fines at a price you won't believe.

Advantages :

  A protective layer is formed on top of molten metal 
       hence reduces heat loss.

   Reduces or rather eliminates slag inclusions.

   Also act as Desulphriser.


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