OPAL 10 10W, sealed off, RF excited
OPAL 25 25W, seated off, RF excited
Wavelength 10.6 m
Mode TEMoo
Operating Mode Continuous, Single and Repeat Pulse
Pulse Length 140 sec-30 sec
Pulse Rate 0.1Hz-3000Hz
Exposure Time 0.1 sec - 100 sec
Beam Delivery 7-joint spring balanced arm, 1300mm working radius
Handpiece 127mm, 0.2mm
Aiming Beam Diode, 635 nm, 2 mW with On/Off control
Cooling Air
Assist Gas Filtered air, 0.01 m
Electrical Supply 230 V, 50 Hz, max 4A
Dimensions 210 x 430 x 990 mm
Warranty 1 year
Standard accessories Handpiece, footwitch
Weight OPAL10 : 50 Kg.

Accessories :

General Surgery
ENT Neurosurgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Oral Surgery
Manipulating Arm MA-25
Handpieces HP5,HP12,HP20
Angled Tip AT-9, AT-12
Micromanipulator MM91    
Backstop Handpiece HP 20- BSTP    
Nasai Handpiece Kit HPN-08    
Nasal Handpiece Kit HPN-3    
Speculum Grave-Pederson                
Fiber Optic Unit FW-U    
Angled tip for Oral Surgery AT-08              
Set for Oral Surgery AT-KIT              
Scanner TRUESCAN    
Surface inradiation SI 1.2
Protective Glasses CLT-2133
Face Mask LP-FM
Smoke Evacuator LV-850
Service -

Opal Lasers are manufactured by Lasram Laser Ltd Hungary & we are the sole representatives in India .